“Free the child’s potential and will transform him into the world” -Maria Montessori

A child’s brain has its most dramatic growth period from birth until the age of 5. Kids learn from observation and instruction which sharpens their cognitive abilities. A kid’s brain really is like a sponge, soaking up as much info as possible.  The goal of our toddler program is to help young children maximize their potential by guiding them in development of communication, independence, physical movement, problem-solving ability and social interactions. 

We also focus on preparing students to transition into the early childhood classroom (3-6 years old).  One of the skills we focus on is potty training.  Potty training is an important skill that students learn which helps the later transition into the upper classroom.  

Students learn to be more independent, self confident and socialize.  The activities in this classroom include Montessori materials, sensory bins and STEAM materials. The toddler program introduces these concepts in a fun way instilling the desire to learn in the child.  As kids enjoy working with materials and projects in the classroom they simultaneously build confidence within themselves.    

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